A downloadable game for Windows

Middle is a game that brings you to an almost deserted place. In it you'll find a house with a puzzle. After you complete this puzzle, you are given three other choices for a house construction. When placed, you will discover that your new constructions have more puzzles, that reward you with more houses. After some houses and puzzles with growing difficulty, you will be able to place a castle that has yet another puzzle. But, this last one will lead you to a discovery about your small world.

At least, that was the plan. We weren't able to implement the puzzles, so instead you have the freedom to place the buildings from the start, and can know the truth about the world at any time.


Walk - W/A/S/D

Mouse - Look Around

Left click on icon - Pick house to place

Left click with house selected - Place house

Return (a.k.a. Enter) - Zoom out / End game

Alt + F4 - Exit


Jogo por Mariana Moutinho,  Jéssica Carriço e José Machado


Middle.zip 11 MB